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Nova Products was started by Peninsula Plastics Limited in 1985 with the inaugural production of the first plastic mousetrap.  The vision was to manufacture a better and more sustainable pest product that can be used multiple times, made out of recycled materials and use a non-toxic attractants.  With that idea came the foundation of design and production for the entire Nova Products pest control line

The product line now consists of household pest control devices such as fly swatters, wasp traps, mouse traps and catch and release mouse traps – all made from recycled materials.
Nova Products evolved the product line into another sustainable product category: waste diversion containers. In 2010 the first curbside recycle bin with rounded handles was designed and hit the market.  The feedback from the first customers was overwhelming: the bin was easier to handle, looked better, and was more cost effective for municipal programs.  With that, Nova Products entered fully into the curbside recycling market and designed more products including: two sizes of curbside recycle bins with custom lids, a kitchen food waste container and a curbside organics container.
Sustainability, functionality and durability have remained guiding design principles for Nova’s product developments.  This commitment is backed with dedicated quality assurance inspectors, continuous product testing and the commitment to reliable customer service  and support. 

We look forward to moulding a more sustainable future for our community and yours.


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